Regional Security Technology Rivals City Counterparts

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It is often a preconception that if you live in a regional centre you do not have access to the latest technology, or services are not equipped as city competitors. Is service better in the city? Or is it just that ‘familiarity breeds contempt’ and continues this misconception?

Of course as locals we want to promote products to be bought locally and there are very valid reasons for buying locally, ie putting money back into our region, supporting employment and helping the region to prosper – supporting those who support you etc. But lets face it – as consumers we also want to get the best value and service. We become “clouded” in the view that because it’s from the city it must be better or cheaper. Not so.

When it comes to security there are even more reasons to keep it local. “Familiarity breeds benefits!” Long standing local patrol companies have local knowledge and the best technology available to provide you with the best services.

Utilising the latest barcode technology, your organisation can be provided with a report of exactly when a patrolman visited your site. With independent reporting from your monitoring station, you can match the patrol times and monitoring report. This will give you the full timing of events, particularly when they are independent of each other.

Local patrol companies also use GPS tracking in their vehicles so in the event of an alarm the closest patrol is dispatched to give the best response time and more protection for your premises.

When you’re considering security of your premises, do a little home work. Find out where your nearest monitoring centre is. Can you contact them quickly, or do they have long on hold times? When you tell them the town or suburb you are from, do they know where that is? Are they familiar with where your premises is? Ask your patrol company about their knowledge of the local area. Can they validate the times they arrive on your site for regular and irregular checks?

Security of your home, your business premises and monitoring of a medi alarm needs to be a service you can trust to be alert, accurate and aware of the situations as they are occurring. It is an advantage to have solid local knowledge from both your patrol company and your monitoring station. I’m sure you’ll find that they are competitively priced, the technology is the latest and the quality of service is great!

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