Same, Same but Different!

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If your product or service has a heap of innovative unique extras it isn’t difficult to make a distinction between your business and everyone else. How do you stand out of the crowd if you’re offering the same as a host of others?

Many products share pretty much all of their features and benefits, the key to making your business a success is personalising. If a customer can buy the same product from 6 different stores then what will make them choose yours? It has to be the experience.
Use your current customers to get testimonials from them about the products, about your service. Use a competition or prize draw to get them to communicate with you. If you explore your customers and find out more about them you can use a day-in-the-life narrative or brief biography to introduce prospects to your business. These personal stories allow your prospective customers to ‘walk in the shoes’ of your current customers and experience what they will experience when dealing with your business.

The best new customer to your business is one recommended by a friend who is an existing customer. By using this customer profile approach you are using the next best thing to a personal recommendation. By blending biographies and quotes from real people, your prospects can identify with your current customers.
When looking at your marketing copy make sure you’re not just repeating the bullet points your competitor uses. Again, change it to something your customer might say that will stimulate a response.

‘Our tomatoes are so juicy you’ll need to eat them outside!’
You can also look at turning the focus away from the product and more on how your company delivers on its promises such as delivery, freshness, extra help from staff etc. Your web site can be key to this, affording you the space and opportunity to display employee profiles, extra tips on product usage, newsletters, customer questions and a help desk. Giving you the opportunity to sell customers on your company, not just the products you sell but the whole customer experience.

You can also look at value adding to a purchase, free delivery on orders above a certain amount or buy 5 get 6. If you add to that a sense or urgency or scarcity, only 10 left, a special offer expiring in just 7 days it introduces a sense of urgency and speeds up the decision making process.

Make your business stand out of the crowd.

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