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In an area where skills shortages are one of the highest in the country. Job seekers are still confused as to which direction to take, ‘Try a Trade’ could be the answer.

‘Try a Trade’ is a project where over 2 days you can talk to the professionals in a wide range of different trades and get inside information on their industry. The project is part of the NETPAC Northern Rivers Careers Expo, held at the Lismore campus of TAFE on 1st and 2nd May.

Hosted by Northern Rivers Group Training (NRGT) and CONNECT Workplace Learning it is a great opportunity for you to literally roll up your sleeves and try out a range of industries suffering from skills shortages. Many of these businesses have jobs available right now for the right applicant.

For the trades involved it is a unique opportunity to support local young people and give them a hands-on, relevant experience in areas that desperately need more skilled workers. It’s also an opportunity to talk face to face with young people about their education, whilst giving businesses the chance to have first pick of the new recruits. There is also the benefit of being able to inspire the next generation of young apprentices.

For visitors to ‘Try a Trade’ it’s a one off chance to experience a variety of trades such as: Automotive, Beauty, Bricklaying, Carpentry, Commercial Cookery, Electrical, Floristry, Hair Dressing, Horticulture, Hospitality, Plumbing and more.
Talk to local skilled tradespeople about what you have to do to enter a specific trade. While you’re there, ‘roll up your sleeves and have a go’ under professional supervision and instruction. It’s a fun way to find out more and get information, rather than phoning up for a brochure or checking out a web site. It’s a tangible thing to experience and help you make a potentially life changing choice.

With three Australian Government-funded programmes: The Structured Workplace Learning Programme, The Career and Transitions Support Programme and The Adopt a School Programme, to help students to learn in a real workplace, it gives access to a range of career development programmes and links local industry and schools to give hands-on learning and a better understanding of industry expectations.

For further information on the ‘Try aTrade’ experience
call 6622 4199.

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