Technology is the way forward as Wappetts Chooses Digita

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Leading Northern Rivers chartered accounting firm Wappetts has identified technology as the key to improving their services to clients and have opted for software developed by Digita Pty Limited.
The long established six partner firm has a strategic focus on expanding its business client portfolio and believes a competitive edge lies in embracing the latest accounting software. Audit partner Trevor Graham believes the relationship he has built with software supplier Digita was fundamental to the firmís decision to make the investment.
“We Beta tested the software and were impressed with its functionality and its ease of use. Based on a Microsoft platform, itís very intuitive, reporting is clear and the presentation for clients is excellent. In fact, itís way ahead of the competition. However, like many in practice, we were initially concerned over the prospect of getting data into new applications and the daunting prospects of migrating existing data. We worked very closely with Digitaís Mal Watts and found the program surprisingly easy to use. The sacrifice of migrating and training was no burden at all compared to the time and efficiency savings going forward.
The relationship we established with Mal and the level of clear and effective communication we achieved was like a breath of fresh air. We believe that Digitaís applications will significantly enhance the value of our service to our business clients.”
Originating in the UK, Digitaís software has been re-developed for the Australian market where the new products have been spearheaded by Australian trained accountant Watts.
He said: “I know our products are best of breed and potentially market leading. Interest in them is high from sole traders to large accounting firms from all over Australia.
“We aim to help our clients improve their business processes and achieve this by providing them with intelligent tools to meet their objectives and meaningful client support. This ensures that Digita and its clients learn and grow together.”
Digita software is accredited by Microsoft and this is reflected in its instantly recognisable design, ease of use and quality. It has also won the LexisNexis Best Software Award in 2004, 2006 and 2007.
Mal Watts concludes: “We truly believe that great software should naturally be coupled with equally great service and support which is why our client retention rate is 97%. I hope that other local firms will sit up, take notice and take advantage of having a Software Vendor like Digita on their doorstep.”

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