Why Should You Use an Employment Organisation?

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In today’s busy business arena the main focus of any employer is to maximise hours for increased profit. By far the most valuable tool of any successful business is having the right people to do the job.

There are a variety of ways for recruiting good staff. Advertising in the media, television, radio and the newspapers have vast exposure to a large number of people, also word of mouth and personal reference come into play when sourcing new staff. However, many employers are now choosing to use dedicated employment organisations to help them find just the right person for their particular business needs, with a minimum of fuss.
By using a dedicated employment organisation the employer can remain anonymous. This anonymity decreases time spent on all those time-consuming cold calls during business hours from applicants without the appropriate skills.

In the first instance an employment organisation will thoroughly screen all the applications received for the position and only pass on to the employer the most suitable applicants for the job. This cuts out all the processing time of initial applications. A good employment organisation will have met and interviewed the prospective employee and know as much about their
working background as possible. They are then more capable of giving a genuine appraisal of each of the candidates put forward to the employer.

The employer can then concentrate on interviewing short listed applicants at a time that is suitable to them. Making their final decision confident that the information they have about the successful applicant has come from the resumé, the employment organisation and their own gut feeling.

Finally, the onus is taken off the employer in contacting the unsuccessful applicants, as this will also be done by the employment organisation. Thus the need to explain to each person why they didn’t get the job is removed from the workplace.

Dedicated employment organisations are being increasingly used by more and more businesses. The positions listed range from professional and specialised positions through to tradespeople, agricultural sector and small business. The advantages of this means of sourcing good staff are obviously being seen by employers wanting to maximise their time and build on their successes.

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