Make Your Event a Success

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Whether youíre running an event for 5 or 500, from cocktail parties and dinners to awards nights and fundraisers, you want your clients to feel special and to remember the event for all the right reasons.

You have to look at what you want out of the event, if itís a product launch, you want people to leave feeling positive and informed about your product. If itís an awards night you want people to leave feeling entertained and winners, even if they donít actually win an award.

Many events end up being boring or too similar to the last function the client went to. As an organiser, you have to keep it fresh and professional and know how far to think outside the square.
Know your budget and what it includes such as MC, band, table dressing, AV, client gifts, programs. Once you have an itemised budget there is less chance of unexpected expenses later on, but always include a contingency just in case. You can always count on the unexpected.

Any event large or small can have a theme and itís beneficial to getting your message across and being remembered. People want a unique experience and within the local region there is an abundance of talent you can draw on.

Attention to detail is one of the most valuable assets of an organiser, in every day life other people may be critical of this particular talent, for event management it is essential. The smallest details, if they are missed, are the things your clients will remember, like the toilet paper running out, their name spelt wrongly on the seating plan or special dietary request not catered for. All of these honest mistakes will associate negatively with the people affected for a long time.

The solution is to live by a list. More than the running list for the event itself, you need to have a list for the preceding weeks/months, days running up to and everything for set up day, with timings so you know when to chase people up.
Of course the most important thing is that no one notices what you went through to organise it Ė now thatís success.

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