Is a School Based Trainee the Answer to Your Staffing Needs?

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Itís often hard as business to know when youíve reached the point where youíre ready to employ and what kind of employee will fit with your business.

Employers are often faced with the dilemma of recruiting new staff. Questions you may ask yourself are: – Can I afford a new staff member? How will I recruit them? Where will they be trained? Iím only a small business, how do I put on staff?

The solution to your recruitment problems may well lie in School Based Traineeships and School Based Apprenticeships. In the light of these two options the questions you should ask as a potential employer are: – Can I offer someone employment for between 7 Ė 15 hours per week? Am I looking for a part time employee who has a strong commitment to my industry? If the answer is yes, then consider employing a School Based Apprentice or School Based Trainee.

A School Based Apprenticeship/Traineeship combines paid work, training and school. Students are working towards a nationally recognised industry qualification as part of their Higher School Certificate, whilst gaining valuable work skills and experience through paid part time employment.

Generous financial incentives are available to eligible employers through the Federal Governmentís Australian Apprenticeships Incentive Program and the cost of formal training is paid for by the State Government. In many cases employers are able to access a training wage.

School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships are available in a wide range of industries so whether you can offer a job in Administration, Agriculture, Construction, Engineering, Horticulture or Hospitality, a School Based Apprentice or School Based Trainee could be exactly the part time employee you are looking for.

On the plus side for the region, you would be providing a young person with a head start in their career, recruiting a young employee committed to your business and retaining them in our region and its increasingly aging workforce.
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