Giving Back is Good for Business

In a world where business is constantly under pressure to perform better, to produce higher profits and cut costs, itís refreshing to see a company that gives back to both their global and local communities.

Collins Hume Accountants and Business Advisers have recently been recognised for their giving efforts by being named 2016 Grand Giving Award Runners Up.

Buy 1 Give 1 (B1G1) helps businesses around the world give back in meaningful ways so that they can create measurable, long-lasting impacts and an even greater sense of purpose in their businesses.

Masami Sato (B1G1) , Kylie Anderson, David Keith (Collins Hume) and Paul Dunn (B1G1).

Masami Sato (B1G1), Kylie Anderson, David Keith (Collins Hume) and Paul Dunn (B1G1).

The awards formed part of B1G1ís inaugural Business for Good Conference celebrating 100 million giving impacts worldwide, held in Bali from 2-3 July.

B1G1 Chairman, Paul Dunn, presented the award to Collins Humeís Business Manager and Giving Coordinator David Keith. He stressed how amazing it was that a firm in a regional NSW community could make an even bigger impact than much larger firms in larger cities around the world.

Paul Dunn also commented on the scope of Collins Humeís impact, ďThe firm has not just impacted its clients and local organisations, itís reached out to make a really significant global impact too. Right now, the firm has created a staggering 1,525,449 Giving Impacts around the world. That translates to more than a million people moving out of abject poverty as well as a significant environmental impact too.Ē

ďIn B1G1 Business for Good we see Collins Hume as a shining example of what can be done ó itís a richly deserved award. It speaks volumes about the kind of people leading and working in Collins Hume.Ē

Collins Hume believes sustainability comes from giving and caring individually, in the community and throughout the world. In order to embed giving in everyday life, the Ballina business works with a number of local organisations by giving financial and pro-bono support.

“It is an honour to be runners up for B1G1ís Grand Giving Award,” said David Keith. “This recognition is not only for Collins Hume but for all our fantastic team who each month help decide where to focus our efforts. It is very much a collaborative effort.”

Itís this teamwork and innovation from within the company that sets them apart. A great example is Jamie Doyle, the newest Collins Hume Partner. Jamie has worked with the firm for 5 years and through his work in taxation services and business advisory services he has helped local businesses grow and thrive.

Eye test at The John Fawcett Foundationís Bali Eye Clinic

Jamieís commitment and enthusiasm has been recognised with his new position. He puts it this way: “We have an innovative culture within Collins Hume which we share with our clients. We are always looking at new ways to improve our clientsí businesses. It’s a great team to be part of for that reason alone so Iím looking forward to utilising our knowledge base to help businesses achieve and exceed their growth ambitions.”

Collins Hume is a leader in financial strategies for both businesses and individuals. Itís great to see that now being recognised globally as well as deeply within our local community. Always going the extra mile really does bring rewards (and now awards too).

An example of this are Sylvia and Peter Smith of Lismore Hydraulics & Engineering who say that being referred to Collins Hume was the best thing that has happened to the business.

ďThese days we plan to scale down our business and sell off our heavy equipment and just supply parts and service. We have discussed this with Peter Fowler and will be guided by him in the way we wind up the company, as heís part of the whole thing. We treat him like part of the family (I worry about him when he goes off surfing with the sharks)! Heís obliging and really cares about all his clients. Thereís no 9-5 with him!Ē

Collins Hume Partner Ian Wunsch with Judy Harding from Longstone Park

Collins Hume Partner Ian Wunsch with Judy Harding from Longstone Park

Clearly this combination of expertise and care is proving to be good for business as Collins Hume not only have glowing praise from clients but also as a business they are also growing in the region.

Their new office in Molesworth Street, Lismore will be opening soon, providing extra local employment, investment in the local economy and a full suite of financial services for the Lismore business community.

In the world of finance itís great to see a company that can be successful both in terms of the bottom line and in changing lives for the better in our global community. For more information on their range of services visit:

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