Unleash - The Huge Power of Small

On 25th May this year a business event like no other in the region will be taking place. Local Accountants and Business Advisers Collins Hume are flying in 4 times TedX speaker Paul Dunn from his world headquarters in Singapore to Ballina for a one off, 4 hour business building session. We speak to Peter Fowler, Partner at Collins Hume, to find out more.

As a successful accountancy firm, how does Paul Dunn and his work fit into your business?
Innovation is the key to continuing to be relevant and valuable to our clients. Paul has been right at the leading/cutting edge of helping accountants around the world do that for what seems like forever. It’s one of the reasons that one of the key professional bodies gave their Inaugural ‘Outstanding Contribution to the Profession’ to Paul.

What makes it even more pertinent is that Paul is not an accountant! So he gives us a continually updated ‘world-view’ that we find really valuable. Paul has travelled the world advising clients for years now and he really understands what each and every business faces on a daily basis and we love being able to tap into his wealth of knowledge to further assist our clients at not only a local but a global level.

You’ve been involved with the B1G1 program for some time, what do you see as the main benefits?

Unleash - The Huge Power of Small

For years the partners at Collins Hume have always looked for opportunities to give to those less fortunate and really positively impact on the lives of others. We believe as business owners we have the power to change lives. We were doing this via our advice we were providing to customers but what about those that we didn’t have contact with and those far less fortunate? Until we found B1G1 we didn’t really have a structured and systematic way of doing this. Now we do and our team really enjoys being able to choose the charities that we support each month.

The great thing for customers is that, by using our services, they are indirectly supporting worthy causes around the world. It really gives the team a greater purpose knowing that everyday they turn up to work they are not only helping our clients but also others across the world. To me this greater purpose is the very reason why we partnere d with B1G1.

By partnering with B1G1 we can be assured that all the money we donate goes directly to those in need. There are very little or no administration fees with the charities we support via B1G1 so we can rest assured that the very people we are looking to support are the ones who receive the support.

Additionally, our partnership with B1G1 has opened our eyes to issues we didn’t even know existed. More importantly B1G1 linked us with charities that are looking to make the world a better place, one person at a time. To date we have positively impacted over 2 million people www.collinshume.com.au/our_ giving_impact and collectively with other B1G1 members over 97 million www.b1g1.com

What do you think Paul brings to business attendees in his presentations?
Paul is regarded by those ‘in the know’ as one of the most extraordinary presenters in the world. The way he engages the audience and instils energy into them is very, very special. On top of that, Paul’s subject knowledge, and his ability to communicate it, is amazing. That’s why it is seriously a coup for us to have him in Ballina. People who get to experience him will be deeply impacted and remember it for life, that is for sure. Being a 4 times Tedx speaker, you can be assured the presentation that Paul will give to our audience in Ballina will be nothing short of spectacular. I have seen him speak a number of times and I am never disappointed. To top it of I can guarantee every one that attends will take something from this presentation that will inspire them to do something (if not a number of things) a little different in their lives or business that will positively impact on the rest of their life.

Unleash the Huge Power of Small
The aim of this event is to help business owners to build and improve their business, it doesn’t matter how small the business or the budget. Paul Dunn has positively impacted the lives of tens of thousands of business owners around the world. It’s expected he’ll do the same for local business people too. Things that Paul is renown for is that he provides insight after insight to build your business in the most interesting of ways. They’re the tiny yet powerful ideas that seriously make a difference to your business. Almost all of the insights are zero-cost-to-implement ideas for business owners to apply. He calls it ‘The Power of Small’. We all regularly wish for a fresh set of eyes when we’re writing communications or business plans, often we’re too close to the business to see the big picture. This morning presentation promises to bring down-to-earth, simple ways of adding significantly more revenue and profit. The difference can be instant.

Talking of making a difference, Paul’s on a huge quest to do that in a profoundly important way — a way that’s already generated a staggering 97 MILLION giving impacts worldwide.

Buy 1 Give 1 (B1G1) helps businesses around the world give back in meaningful ways so that they can create measurable, long-lasting impacts and an even greater sense of purpose in their businesses.

Unleash - The Huge Power of Small

It’s a global business giving initiative that makes it easy for small to medium sized businesses to give to and support great projects from around the world. By making it simple for small businesses to give back in a small way the combined power has made it possible to make huge differences in funding over 800 projects worldwide; from providing water to those who have none, safety for Orangutans in Borneo, supporting orphans and impoverished children to planting trees.

Paul is Chairman and chief cheerleader of this worthy organisation as well as being a hugely respected speaker and business leader. His ethos of ‘small can make a difference’ is a theme he follows in both his business and altruistic lives.

One of the things people cite about Paul is that he really makes everyone around him feel great about themselves by always encouraging and celebrating the small achievements that we sometimes forget to give ourselves credit for.

One thing we can certainly all agree on is that disruption is all around us. Things change faster than we ever thought possible, communication is instant and global, sometimes it is overwhelming both for our business and personal lives.

So how can we overcome the situation? Paul Dunn’s 4 hour presentation aims to give attendees unparalleled skills and insights to build businesses in these times in amazing ways — and it does it brilliantly by showing you how to unleash the power of tiny, tiny actions that make a significant and positive difference to your business. Instantly.

The ideas cost nothing to implement (because they’re so small) yet the impact they have is profound. Best of all, you can put them into action immediately. It’s like a whole new world opening up as Paul takes you on a deep dive into what he calls ‘Moments of Connection’, moments that radically redefine how you do business.

To get people of this calibre coming to our region is exceptional, this certainly looks like an event not to be missed and thanks to generous sponsorship from local businesses: Collins Hume, Ballina RSL Club, ANZ Bank, Regional Finance Solutions, GPS Wealth, Quality Plus Printers, Paradise FM, Eye of Horus Cosmetics, McInnes Legal and Quadracon Building it is very affordable for small business owners to attend.

They want as many businesses to come along which is why their ticket prices are so ridiculously low. But on top of this all ticket sales will be going to charity. So it really is a win win.

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