Summerland - The Future of Banking

Summerland - The Future of Banking

How do you get the best banking solution, just for you? Everyone’s banking needs are different. Some prefer to do it all on their phone – pay bills, transfer money, check balances and know when their pay is there. Others want to go into a branch and speak with the staff, get their cash and be treated like a real person. Many banks struggle to deliver the type of service everyone is happy with.

Things have changed. One financial institution has fused the digital age with great personal service. Summerland Credit Union , based right here in the Northern Rivers. A financial institution owned by their customers where decisions are made to benefit their customers, not external shareholders.

The redevelopment of the Summerland Credit Union Molesworth Street ‘Branch of the Future’ is complete and open for business. This is not just an upgrade; it’s a launch into the ‘Future of Banking’ with a completely new open design that has to be seen to be believed. It’s the only financial institution in the entire region with such a great new branch.

What’s different? – the sleek modern design, open feel throughout the whole branch, use of latest technology, private areas for one-on-one discussions and the self-service ATMs and coin counter. Plus, while you’re there, you can enjoy free wifi whilst being entertained and informed with tips, trivia, upcoming events and games all on an in-branch instant app. The comfortable lounge and X-Box for those a bit younger make the time spent in the branch relaxing and refreshing.

Gone are the wire barricades, opening up the branch into a much friendlier environment for customers. But security is there, with each Banking Advisor or teller having a locked ATM built into their workstation which cannot be accessed during business hours. So there is enhanced security for customers and staff.

The row of iPads in the branch makes it easy to access Internet Banking.

After winning the Professional Services Award in the Lismore Business Chamber’s Excellence in Business Awards for two years in a row, you’re certain to receive great service. Summerland also won similar awards last month in Grafton and Kingscliff.

In addition to the ‘Branch of the Future’ redevelopment, Summerland has recently released new iOS and Android apps for banking anywhere, anytime. In mid-August, an up-to-date Internet Banking system was rolled out.

The Video Wall or ‘Window to the Future’ is a huge integrated 9-screen system showing off the latest from Summerland, sponsored community events as well as beautiful video of natural elements from around the region.

How can customers benefit from all this new digital technology? It’s about helping customers do their banking at a time & place that suits them. If you’re out and about and don’t want to get to a branch, you can use your computer at home or work, laptop, tabloid, iPad or smartphone to do all your banking, 24/7. You can use phone banking to do all your popular banking tasks anywhere on your phone. But if you want to speak with their contact centre, you can phone, txt, email, webchat or click online and they’ll ring you. The contact centre is in Lismore. Staffed by locals and they’re trained to help you with all of your enquiries. You don’t need to be transferred to anyone else. They can look after everything.

When you arrive in the Lismore branch, you are greeted at the door and directed to the most appropriate person to help you with your transaction, or you can move to one of the many private areas to discuss your enquiry without others listening in.

If you want to use your card to get cash out, a customer-only ATM inside the branch is a safe place. Another ATM which also accepts deposits will be installed shortly. If you want to deposit all those coins from your piggy bank, there is no need to sort them. Just tip them into the machine and they are accurately counted in a flash. Buskers love it. They can deposit the money they’ve earned quickly so they get back out into the day.

Businesses are also catered for with a business-specific section to assist business customers with their daily banking: fast and efficient. In a few weeks, Summerland will release their Mobile Point-of-Sale system – perfect for tradies and market stalls. If you’re in the business of doing work in the field, such as an electrician or plumber, it’s important to get paid as soon as possible. With Summerland’s mPOS, you can swipe the customer’s card and be paid in full. No need to send out an account and be paid at some time in the future. This dramatically improves your cash flow and makes it easier for the customer as they don’t have to post in a cheque or get your account details.

Whilst mum and dad are waiting for a loan interview, the X-Box and screen in the Play Space keep the younger ones entertained. (Dads can try and beat the kid’s score if Mum has the time.)
The Banking Specialists who help with organising your home, personal or car loan are available in the branch as well. They are experienced in assisting people get the right loan to suit them. They specialise in helping people refinance, moving their bank loan over to Summerland.

Summerland - The Future of Banking

Plus, the branch is sleek. The walls are silver, the breakout rooms are modern, decked out in either purple or orange, the lounges are comfy and the benches are free of clutter.

Many environmental friendly building products have been included in the redevelopment. These include:

  • Carpet – ECS Level 4, the top grading in the ACCS Environmental Certification Scheme for the environmental performance of carpet
  • Acoustic wall fabric – accredited under ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 Quality & Environmental Management systems. Has low embodied energy, minimum 60% recycled content from PET bottles and supports safer indoor air quality
  • Floor Tiles – rated A+ for ISO 16000, Low VOC emissions (volatile organic compounds) and CMR compounds (toxic emissions)
  • Lights – High efficiency LEDs used throughout with sensor timers
  • All board material and laminate used in the refurbishment is certified and rated E0 meaning it has extremely low toxic emissions including VOC’s
  • All local contractors were used in the redevelopment construction, reducing the travel involved and resources used
  • Internally, digital signage is used, reducing the need for paper posters. Energy efficient LEDs are utilised in the poster frames.

This is on top of the existing strong environmental values of Summerland. The credit union has their non-CSG/fossil fuel mining Position Statement on the website, were the first to achieve Silver Partner status in the NSW Government’s Sustainability Advantage Program and are working on being the first Gold Partner on the North Coast.

Later this month, the first Summerland-branded Visa credit card will be launched. A Low-Rate & Rewards option will be available. A great incentive to switch existing cards over to Summerland will be launched and cards no longer needed will be turned into guitar plectrums (picks) and donated to local community music groups. A great recycling idea. The Rewards program is the best ever. Instead of earning points which you need to redeem to get a …. toaster, with a Summerland Rewards credit card, you earn DOLLARS. And the cash is credited back to your account automatically, at regular intervals. You don’t have to remember to do it. Summerland does it for you. So you never have any rewards expire. You get the cash so you can spend it any way you like. It’s like an extra savings bonus. Great for that little extra cash at Christmas.

As a financial institution with an Australian banking licence, Summerland customers receive protection from the Federal Government with the Deposit Guarantee, to the same dollar amount as the large banks. This gives depositors and investors peace of mind with Government protection of their funds.

It’s easy to bank with Summerland. You can open an account online or at any of the 13 local branches from Coolangatta to Grafton. You can also do lots of other banking online including opening accounts, applying for cards and loans, send money to and receive money from overseas and apply for insurance to protect what’s important to you.

Customers demand the best. Now they can easily switch their banking to Summerland and enjoy the very best, right now and support a great local, environmentally-focussed business. Summerland’s digital sleek meets personal service with exceptional results. No wonder more and more people are swapping their banking over.

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