1000 Jobs in 100 Days

From the 1st August until 8th November, the team at NORTEC Staffing Solutions are on a challenge to fill 1000 jobs in 100 days!

Actually it’s 2,000 jobs in total as they are aiming for 1000 jobs in Northern NSW (from Forster to Tweed) and another 1000 jobs in South East QLD (from the Gold Coast to Brisbane).

A Campaign with History
It’s the seventh year the not-for-profit employment provider has run the campaign to boost employment outcomes for Northern NSW and South East QLD. In actual fact though, NORTEC (previously TTEC Employment & Training) were the founding member of the 100 Jobs in 100 Days campaign in the Tweed region, a campaign that ran for over 20 years and was widely adopted by other recruiting firms Australia wide and Internationally.

In the 1990s, they were recognised by the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations for their innovative promotion. It has since grown with the organisation that has upped their regional presence across Northern NSW and South East QLD and their placement goal to 1000.


The 1000 Jobs in 100 Days campaign aims to increase information to local employers about affordable employment options for their businesses (through Government funded wage and traineeship assistance) as well as provide an extra challenge for the staff at NORTEC by throwing down the gauntlet.

“With the NSW vs QLD race to get to 1,000 it is pretty much a State vs State battle at NORTEC”, Marketing Manager, Michelle Dowding said.

“But the ultimate aim is to improve socio-economic outcomes for our region. Finding work can turn someone’s life around for the better, witnessing that every day is the best part of working at NORTEC. Our region as a whole benefits with an employed community”. Ms Dowding continued.

Employment Opportunities in the Region
According to NORTEC, the largest employing industries in the region are hospitality and retail, with administration and construction also strong employers in the region. The growing need for aged care staff is also evident in our ageing demographic and this industry offers many opportunities for jobseekers – from administrators, cooks and chefs, grounds people to a rewarding career as a care worker.

“The Hospitality industry in particular is crying out for staff. This industry represents many opportunities for jobseekers and, in our beautiful location, can offer an ‘office with a view’! “However, the industry often wants jobseekers with work experience as well as the required certificates (RSA & RCG).

We work on partnering with industry employers to provide this experience to our registered jobseekers, providing on the job learning before gaining paid employment. We also partner with the Australian Retail Association to provide opportunities with local retail employers and work closely with Aged Care facilities in the region to provide skilled training and work opportunities”. Michelle Dowding further stated.

Partnering with Maclean Bowls Club, students completed a Certificate III in Hospitality at the Club to gain work opportunities in the industry.

Partnering with Maclean Bowls Club, students completed a Certificate III in Hospitality at the Club to gain work opportunities in the industry.

If your business is looking for staff, NORTEC can save you time, money and the hassle when it comes to recruiting. It costs nothing to lodge your vacancy through their Government funded jobactive program and you may be eligible for potential wage subsidies of up to $10,000 (eligibility criteria applies). They also provide a competitive fee-for-service labour hire and temporary staffing option.

It’s easy to lodge your job vacancy online at www.nortec.org. au or phone 1800 667 832 to get behind NORTEC’s 1000 jobs in 100 days campaign. When your business lodges a vacancy you are automatically in the draw to win $1000 for the charity of your choice – and there are three chances to win.

The Byron Bay Cookie Company won $1000 for their charity (Movember), by lodging their job vacancies with NORTEC during the 1000 Jobs in 100 Days campaign in 2011.

The Byron Bay Cookie Company won $1000 for their charity (Movember), by lodging their job
vacancies with NORTEC during the 1000 Jobs in 100 Days campaign in 2011.

The 1000 Jobs in 100 days campaign started on August 1 and runs until November 8, 2016.

Club Employ

Q What’s free to join, provides rewards for members and creates socio-economic benefits for our region?
A NORTEC’s Club Employ!

Club Employ is open to all businesses in Northern NSW and South East QLD to join and provides rewards and benefits for members when utilising NORTEC services. It costs nothing to join and members are supporting local employment growth and socioeconomic benefits, while gaining rewards.

NORTEC is a notfor- profit organisation that provides a range of recruiting services, training, small business support programs and community investment. As a not for profit, communi t y based organisation, they see the importance of reinvesting back into the regional communities through sponsorships, grants and social enterprise initiatives that encourage positive outcomes for community members.

Whiddon Group Aged Care are Gold level Club Employ members who donated their reward of $100 to Clarence Valley Women’s Refuge. Photo is of Sandra Osborne – Director Care Services Grafton (on right), with Cert IV Ageing Support students (training delivered by NORTEC) and Cathie Tees DDS (on left).

Gaining rewards is simple, by utilising their services or by referring others to Club Employ. When businesses join they immediately receive a Welcome Pack with a membership key ring and all the information, including referral cards, needed to start earning points. With Bronze to Platinum membership, rewards include high-quality merchandise, event tickets and networking opportunities, special offers to other members, promotion of your business brand as a member through social media, NORTEC website and e-newsletters and $100 (Gold) or $200 (Platinum) donations to the charity of your choice.

The program was only launched 1st July and already there are approximately 100 members with the goal to reach over 1000 members in the first year and climbing to over 5,000 members by 2020 and beyond.

“Club Employ is about stimulating our local economy. By working together in the community, we ensure jobs are for locals, that we are sharing information, listening to understand local industries and reinvesting back into our community to improve socio-economic conditions for all community members. We encourage all businesses to get involved – it costs nothing but your business and the region has so much to gain for it”, stated Lee Sherman, Business Development Manager at NORTEC. “We have targets to achieve annually (7,300 jobs for our first year) and our 1000 Jobs in 100 Days campaign is a perfect promotion to kick-start this”.

What NORTEC has to Offer
NORTEC offers a range of recruiting services including Australian Government funded programs that come at no cost to businesses and can attract wage subsidies of up to $10,000 (eligibility criteria applies); as well as a commercial recruiting service that can provide labour hire, temporary, permanent or contract staff placing. They are a preferred Local Government provider and being not for profit, their commercial staffing fees are highly competitive. They are also a Registered Training Organisation offering a range of accredited and non-accredited training packages in Aged Care, Hospitality, Retail and Business. As well, the team provides a range of State Government and Australian Government advisory programs for small businesses, offering mentoring and workshop programs to local businesses and start-ups. NORTEC’s community investment program offers sponsorships, grants and investment in social enterprise initiatives that benefit socio-economic outcomes in our region.

Signing up to Club Employ
It’s easy to sign up to Club Employ, you can do this on NORTEC’s website at www.nortec.org.au or you can email or call 1800 667 832 for more information.

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