You Are Your Business


Looking at some of my business clients and their marketing messages, I realise that many of them are unaware of the personalities their businesses convey. Even fewer incorporate this more touchy-feely aspect of communication into their marketing decision making.

Those that do, really stand out. People like a web designer who revels in his geeky reputation, a graphic designer with a quirky sense of humour, and an environmental consultant whoís passionate about surfing.
It makes good business sense that all three have deliberately decided to highlight these aspects of their own personalities in their marketing. Iíd also be willing to bet that the decision has paid off for them in spades.

On the other side of the coin Iíve encountered umpteen people whoíve introduced me to their businesses without mentioning a single thing about themselves. I canít tell you how that decision worked out for them because, frankly, I canít remember a single thing about them.

As a business owner, you are your business.

Good business skills are just an extension of good life skills, the secret to adding a bit of brand personality to your marketing is to be both genuine and selective. As a business owner, if the personality traits of your business donít align with your own, you wonít be able to carry it off, and youíll come across as awkward at best or untrustworthy at worst.

You donít need to tell people everything about yourself, thatís overkill. Itís a bit like speed dating for your business, identify aspects of your brand personality that make your business a logical choice for your prospects and shine the spotlight on that.

If you need some clues, ask your satisfied clients what makes them feel good about doing business with you. You might assume itís because of your technical skills and knowledge, which is what your marketing material focuses on; but itís more likely that they love doing business with you because youíre the bookkeeper who takes the stress out of BAS time, the business coach whose calmness is contagious, or the IT-guru who cures computers while putting clients at ease by cracking dad jokes. Thatís your brand personality right there. Milk it!

So challenge yourself: try to condense your brand personality into a single sentence and use that in your marketing.

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