Where the Heart Is

Posted: by Gail Fuller

Homes are one of the few physical things on earth which all of humanity have some association and a touch point with. It could be as simple as a grass hut, or as palatial as the mega homes we see of the rich and famous.

Its something we all have in common, a place we reside in at the end of the day to rest our bodies and a place that is our own personal territory that allows us to just be.

We fiercely protect it, we use it to identify ourselves, to make money and to showcase ourselves to the world.
Our home represents all manner of things, and those things are our personal projection on our properties. We have strong relationships built over years with our properties; personal investment, especially if we have physically worked on transforming them through renovating, or simply bringing our families up in them. They hold memories for us, like our childhood home.

I sometimes wonder if agents really understand or even contemplate the full impact of the business we are in, and even consider any of the above, before they head into a home to sell or rent for the owners.
The first consideration for any transaction that is about to take place is the honoring of the people first. Finding out what the home means to them and then designing a plan to support them in either moving or managing their investment so it is supported as they would wish if they were living there themselves.

I recently renovated a holiday property for a client who had just bought a rural property. We spent several hundred thousand dollars on this home. The owners lived interstate and had not seen the work that had been carried out. They arrived with their elderly mother to see the property and she made the following comment. I love the way you have renovated this because I can feel that you have spent the money and bought the furniture, as if it was your own home. I can feel the love that you bring here. This particular home had been neglected for some years and it was not about turning it into a showcase home, more about bringing it up to the standard it deserved. When our guests arrived they felt the warmth, care and consideration taken to ensure they were comfortable and attended to.

We as agents should be honored to be involved in such a personal experience with people, assisting them to move on in their lives. We impact this process greatly and just a few caring or understanding words can be the lasting memories for many people.

Money should never be the driving factor, reaching sales targets, for an agency.
I say it should always be about love. Making that the foundation of our business.

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