What Is An Event?

Posted: by Jennifer Unwin

Events are part of our everyday lives. As an ‘event planner and facilitator’ I bring a series of people, items and situations together in one place at one time for business, pleasure, community and more! If done well, the event can create lasting memories, joy and jobs!

Think of New Year’s Eve in Sydney, which I recently experienced, or the Sydney Mardi Gras for fun, glitter, music and an economic rocket launch to NSW coffers!

Closer to home, the North Coast is renowned for it’s laidback lifestyle and creativity in events and happenings on an ever-increasing scale.

Ensure your event is memorable, plan everything

The event will run much more smoothly if there is a plan to follow and all the parties know clearly what the event is about and who is responsible for what. This general rule applies for all events from the smallest to the largest.

As the North Coast enters a new era of event growth and creativity, some personal favourite standouts include multicultural events.

Boutique events such as French and Italian festivals in Stokers Siding/Dunbible Memorial Hall (2014-2015 Tweed Shire) and creating the inaugural Lismore ‘Piazza in the Park’ Italian event (2016 Lismore City see pic) have allowed other experiences to develop as the event industry grows and adapts taking on new levels and layers.

A highlight of the Lismore event personally was developing the concept from just a peaceful but empty inner city park to a thriving, buzzing and exciting throng of over 4500 people enjoying the space on a cold winter’s day in June. This particularly gave me lasting memories of joy as I watched the smiles on people’s faces and we created memories to last a lifetime.

In this ever more connected world, I watch with interest the developments of rulings between the big 4 Australian banks and the Australian Small Business & Family Enterprise Ombudsman’s ruling for contracts and small business. This will have a lasting impact on mum & dad businesses and events across the Northern Rivers and beyond as they tackle the big end of town.

Know who you are working for

From experience always ensure the planner and the client know who is responsible for what. This saves a great deal of time, effort and money long-term as you learn to adapt your style and work ethic to a variety of systems and briefs. Remember, if it looks too good to be true, it usually is.

Working within your limits

Know what you are capable of and if necessary identify the gaps in knowledge and skills, then find a way to fill them. This will assist you in maintaining a long-term relationship with your clients and producing a quality event each and every time.

For more information visit: www.eventzbiz.com.au or phone 0418 723908.

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