What Happened to the Happy Holiday?

Posted: by Gail Fuller

I have to say the world is certainly changing. I remember the old days where you would arrive on holiday with the family and enjoy relaxing and getting away from it all. It was always simple and easy and we never worried about much as long as we all had each other.

Today the reality is very different.

We see guests arrive very stressed, angry and generally unhappy. Let me make a point here, not all guests are like this but it is becoming a common theme.

The pressure of every day life definitely shows on their faces and by their attitude. Some guests complain about all manner of things, like the blinds being 3 inches from the floor and not completely to the ground. “The ocean is too loud in our beachfront property.” “The carpet snake could kill my whole family.” “I don’t have Austar!” These are just some complaints.

Some guests call every day to complain about things very small and trivial. What they miss is the opportunity they have for a weekend or a week to spend with their family and friends, connecting and sharing time together.

How have we got to the point that the materialist, stimulating devices have become more important than just being with each other?

Maybe it’s just that they are asked to finally stop and that is so confronting, they create a drama to keep feeling alive.

I also notice there is a lot more bullying behavior to staff, especially if the guests decide they do not wish to stay at the chosen location for whatever reason. There is a pushy attitude of wanting to get what they want, even if it is unreasonable.

Society as a whole seems to want compensation and expectations are becoming very high. It’s fair enough to have high expectations, but should it come at the price of dismissing family or friends for the sake of being right? I think not.

Byron Bay certainly gives visitors the opportunity to stop and take a breather, if that’s what they truly want. With the beautiful beaches, swimming, snorkeling, diving, bush walking and ballooning, it is the perfect place to spend quality time with friends and family.

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