Too Many Mobile Choices


Mobiles are fast becoming the standard form of communication for most of us. In the 20 years since the first mobile phone in 1983, mobiles have penetrated more than 80% of the global population. There are now more than 6 billion mobile users around the world and in many countries (Australia included) there are more mobile devices than people.

This has led to an explosion of mobile offerings from the major carriers and the hundreds of service providers around the country and the variations in the way mobiles plans are structured have become quite confusing.

Basic PAYG plans are becoming rare due to the higher usage most people need today and the introduction of the cap plan (that included a new handset) was one of the major contributors to the explosive growth of mobile usage in the late 90’s.Most service providers still use the same basic plan model that has been in use since then, that is, $X per month includes $Y value of included calls/txt.

As people are becoming more dependent on their mobiles these plans have grown to include more value for smaller monthly fees, however many people are still stuck on plans that don’t suit their call patterns. The rates at which calls are charged on these caps can vary from supplier to supplier, so when you are told you get more inclusions on one plan over another; that may not be the case as the rate at which the calls are charged may be considerably higher than the lower plan and thus you may not get as much “bang for your buck”.

New devices have also changed the way we use our mobiles with data fast becoming the decisive factor in a most people’s plan choices. This can complicate your choice of plan even more as one plan that suits your call pattern won’t suit your data usage or vice versa. These variances combined with a huge range of handsets to choose from can make it very difficult to know which plan is the most suitable for your needs.

Additionally being locked into a 24 month contract with no flexibility in modifying the plan can end up costing you a lot of money. At Barefoot Telecom we tailor a plan to suit your needs and provide flexible options so if you need to increase or decrease your plan value from month to month, you can! We provide many flexible options for our customers to get the latest mobile hardware at a price that suits their budget. Call us today for an obligation free bill review.

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