The Silent War Against Agents

Posted: by Gail Fuller

I sometimes wonder if people consider the impact of what it means to sell their house. Inviting an agent into the most personal space you live and move in. Letting an agent into this arena can be daunting, and often very confronting. An agent can feel the energy in the house very quickly, which reveals the way you live with your family, partner or friends.

Why do people have such a low opinion of agents? They are the ones that are supporting you to move on to the next point in your life, representing you in the transaction, securing a price for your home that youíre happy with. Your agent is the person that hears all your personal issues and situations, and you want their support through these. Yet could it be possible that the threat of actually being found to not be perfect brings up all the protection and defensiveness I see in this industry from clients?

Itís like I want your help on one hand, but donít want to let you see what is really going on.

Generally when we get defensive, we are in reaction to what is being exposed within ourselves and understanding has been thrown out the window.

I also find a lot of anger when dealing with clients. What has happened to us in society that the only way we can speak to someone is with anger and frustration? How is it that our life has got to this point, that anger and rudeness seem to be the method of communication acceptable to express without care or responsibility? Is it possible that the anger has been there all along, way before you interact with an agent, but because of your low opinion of them you feel itís acceptable to impose it on them?

I know and understand that when that happens the person is demonstrating that theyíre in some sort of pain and hurt in their life and any small issue can knock them over the line. We learn as agents in these moments to love our clients deeper, and bring more understanding to their situation, and gently support them through the issue at hand.

I have always said this industry teaches you to love yourself, and back yourself each day and develop a deep foundation of truth in your life to support firstly you and then your client.
What a shame that one of the biggest and most important move you make is laced with these beliefs against another human being simply because they decided to work in the real estate industry.

Just imagine if they changed professions next week and became a doctor, dentist or teacher, I wonder if you would ring them in the same manner, ready for war?

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