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Posted: by Stephen Moon

As the business world is growing we are diversifying into the world of solution selling, offering a wide range of business needs including Phone Systems, Mobility/Apps and IT managed solutions.

Being the only tier one Business Partner on the Northern Rivers enables us to offer any solutions from wide Telstra range of products. One of the benefits of this is that it allows the products to be placed on clients existing Telstra account saving them initial upfront costs. You also get peace of mind knowing that your provider is one that is here for the long haul

Tailoring solutions is part of the skill set your communications provider should be able to offer you as a client. Ensuring that the solutions are tailored to the specific needs of the business in communication, mobility solution and apps, managed networking and cloud solutions. This is a much better outcome than trying to fit into a pre-determined package.

As well as focusing on your business needs for the present you also need to spend time on where you would like your business to be in the future and what those future requirements will be.

New technology can increase your efficiency, save you money and increase your security. Infrastructure As A Service (IAAS) is a way businesses can access the latest technology by leasing an offsite server, the technology is constantly upgraded without you having to invest in an onsite server. A simple monthly contract, provides a secure solution.

Software as a service is the same process but for your business apps such as docusign and accounts software etc.

What Kind of Upgrade Do You Need?
A recent project we worked on was with a local company that was looking at upgrading their existing server that was situated on their premises.

After meeting with the customer and discussing their requirements now and in the future we looked at their existing Telstra account and came up with the following solution:

  1. Remove the existing server on premises and provide an Infrastructure As A Service (IAAS) where there intellectual data is stored in a fully secured premises. This then allows the customer to access their server from anywhere and use the dedicated internet tail the server sits on.
  2. Upgrade their existing ADSL service so they will have more access to the IAAS server
  3. Remove their Microsoft exchange server and install Office 365
  4. Upgrade all the desktop devices
  5. Upgrade their existing telephone system

The solution was implemented and placed on their Telstra account, it not only saved upfront costs on buying hardware that quickly gets superseded but also by upgrading their Telstra account we managed to get some of the hardware paid for. A win win for all.

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