Solutions for Remote Workers

Posted: by Stephen Moon

We live in an age where working remotely has become the norm in many industries, so businesses need to savvy up on how to support their remote workers in order to help them perform at their most effective. If you want to get the most out of your remote workers you need to give them all the same communications and collaboration tools that in-office workers have so they can be just as productive.

In a competitive global marketplace, organisations are under pressure to find new ways to attract and keep top performers, locate them where they can be most effective, and help them stay productive. This has led to a growing trend toward remote workers, who are breaking the traditional mould and working out of homes and small offices across the country and around the world.

Leading experts say that working from home or a remote office has never been more productive. However this is only possible if staff have an “in office” experience anywhere they work. They need to be able to communicate with clients and coworkers as if they were in the same building.

When remote workers have the communications capabilities they need to perform well, the entire organisation benefits. Combined with the flexibility of working off site you’ll benefit by building an environment for productive, efficient, loyal workers.

With a mobile workforce comes a technological challenge however Mobile Extension integrates mobile phones into the PBX, providing all services needed to allow your employees to become truly mobile professionals. Mobile phones, allowing you to move around and still be able to call or be called, are a fundamental element of mobility. But supporting mobile behavior requires much more.

The mobile professional also requires access to the applications, services, support, and flexibility that your communication system provides.Whether at a client site using a laptop, at the airport with tablet in hand, or anywhere in the world on a smartphone, Mitel Solutions for Mobile Workers provide these critical players with the advanced communications capabilities they need. Providing mobile workers with this kind of advanced unified communications and collaboration capability helps them be more productive and drives better, more efficient customer relationships.

The future is bright for those businesses that embrace the technology to make the jump to a truly integrated mobile workforce. For more information visit:

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