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Posted: by Moyra Burke-Smith

More than ever, building a brand name is key in the success of any business. Getting that brand into the minds of customers is one thing, but staying there is another. With so many channels to get your brand noticed you have to be savvy which you choose, unless you have bottomless pockets of course.

Promotional products are a highly cost effective way of achieving brand visibility. In comparison with internet, TV and printed advertising material, studies have found that the recall rate of a brand name is drastically higher when seen on a product. The brand is seen again and again, day after day, week in, week out… it literally becomes part of the furniture.

This is the kind of brand penetration that creates a lasting, personal connection. Often what starts life as a branded promotional product becomes the favourite pen, “my cup” in the office, or the family beach umbrella that becomes known by the name of the brand on it. ĎDonít forget the Stellaí was the phrase we had in our house for the 10 years we had a Stella Artois beach umbrella. Now the umbrella may have cost them $30, for that they had 10 years of visibility from that investment, what other medium does that? Associations and connections are made with those positive experiences…that first cup of coffee in the morning…the beach holiday…

Every business owner who owns a website should be measuring their visitor traffic with some form of web analytics, 2016 is time to get serious about it. Most don’t offer any value out of the box and could actually be costing you money because you’re looking at metrics that donít matter.

Google Analytics is a superb tool. Itís free, itís reliable, and it captures every little piece of useful information about your website. But are you acting on the information and do you really know what you are looking at? We rarely log in and look around, and when we do, we donít always know what it is that we should be looking for.

Do you know which are the best performing pages on your website? Is your Social Media marketing effective or are you wasting precious time? Is your blog working? How effective was my last print advertising campaign? All of these things can be, and should be, measured with Google Analytics.
To give you a helping hand, here are a few tips for making your Google analytics reports useful to your business.

Filter your IP

If you have a static IP at your business, you probably want to filter out that IP Address from your reports in order to ensure that when you or your staff visit your website, or are working on it, you are not inadvertently inflating your marketing statistics.

However, you do need to protect your brand, donít be drawn into buying cheap and nasty throwaways, it will damage your brand. There are plenty of good quality economical items you can find, just keep these 4 things in mind:
Will it be used? The more use the product gets, the more exposure for your brand. Everyday practical items get used – pens, coffee mugs, bags, water bottles… These high use items are ideal for branding and donít break the bank.

Is it good quality? You naturally want to align your brand with quality. Poor quality product sends all the wrong messages… High quality provides for a positive and lasting association with the brand; the item lasts longer, will be frequently used and therefore increases the exposure of the brand and ROI.

Is it appealing? Undoubtedly, appealing and attractive items have a higher use rate – if people like a product, they will use it time and time again. Once more, the higher the use, the higher the brand exposure.

Is the decoration high quality? This is essential – if the branding looks unclear, messy or wears off before the end of the life of the product… need I explain further?

There are literally millions of items on the market, so take your time and ask for advice from your promotions supplier, they generally know whatís hot and what works for different target markets.

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