Perfect Picture House

Posted: by Gail Fuller

Home selling has changed its tactics lately with the introduction of home styling before you put your property on the market for sale.

This is done to create the perfect feel or look of what it could be like if you lived there, with beautiful furniture and a simple clutter free design to entice. I call this glamour selling and it is here to seduce you into something, although it can imply to the seller that theyíre not enough, so changes have to be made to get your property sold.

The problem with this marketing is itís not real and it removes the human side of life from our home. Our home, the one place that is there to nurture us and provide a foundation to live and move from each day becomes lost.

People then fall in love with an image perhaps of success, style, warmth, simplicity, design etc. It draws us in to Ďa lookí. But what happens when all the staged furniture is removed and you are left with four white walls and no pretty image? Disappointment, and the feeling of loss.

The problem with these images is that they are not real and donít always register with our internal impulse of what we truly need to be comfortable and support our body to live with and come home to.

The furniture we choose, the size, shape and colour all bring a certain angle to our home. These angles then form the way we move through our home. As you know when we buy new furniture or even change the position of existing furniture, it can make it feel completely different.

The changes can bring more space, a different way to sit and view the world from. They all impact us individually.

Our homes are a very personal reflection of who we are and how we relate to ourselves in the world. They are very exposing of how one is and the relationship you have with self. They hide what we donít present to the world in our business life, what we can hide from others seeing.

So if you fall for the image of a well styled home and donít consider how the angles and space will actually work for you personally, then you could be lying to yourself, wanting to be something that is not actually real, and possibly denying what is true for you.

Images are everywhere in our life, used to shock, encourage, trick, incite emotion, enticing us to buy or act, instead of us feeling what is true. We all have images inside us that drive us to live and be a certain way in life, like a mother, father, wife, husband, boss, friend, employee.

What if we just trusted what our body feels first and use that as our guide to our next purchase?

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