On Trend Marketing

Posted: by Moyra Burke-Smith

Keep yourself and your company ahead of the competition with
these 7 key marketing trends that are keeping companies at the
top in 2016. Which ones are you doing?

1.Writing skills and experience are critical. When marketing shifted from print to digital, there was less focus on quality content. However research, writing and editing skills are becoming increasingly important, especially when high-quality content is becoming the new SEO.

2.Content marketing throughout business.
Many people view marketing as the department that works solely to promote your company to your external audience. However marketing content is also an asset for internal audiences. Your entire staff will benefit from knowing what is being said to the customers, whether they are client facing, production or HR. Everyone needs to sing from the same song sheet.

3.Personalisation will prevail.
Personalisation provides opportunities for clients and customers to feel like VIPs. Simple gestures of personalisation show that your brand cares about individual customers, and they’re effective. Make your customers feel special but avoid generic templates and find ways from simply targeting your messaging to sending personalised emails and gifts.

4.Industry authority.
Companies that contribute to industry conversations raise their credibility with customers. People want a connection to your brand, and they want to trust your leadership. The best way to establish this connection and trust is to create content that showcases your authority as an industry leader.

5.Add value and stop selling all the time.
Stop focusing only on making the sale, and start focusing also on delivering true value to your customers and potential clients. Whether this value is found in the quality of your content or in the experiences you provide, it’s becoming more and more important for marketers to ensure that value is delivered to those who interact with their brands.

6.Thought leadership is the new SEO driver.
After Google’s continued algorithm updates throughout the year, the search giant has begun rewarding higher-quality content with higher search rankings. Despite efforts by some to cheat their way to the top of results pages, high-quality content prevails over the old keyword-stuffing tactics of the past.

7.Full-service won’t solve your problems.
The best thing you can say to make someone lose faith in your company’s credibility is “My company is great at everything.” No single company is great at everything. Focus your efforts on the one thing your company is truly great at and what your customers need and want most from you, and become the absolute best at whatever that is. You’ll need to live and breathe that area, develop technology to support your efforts and consistently innovate your products and services, but you’ll ultimately succeed if you focus your efforts on the one thing that separates you from your competitors.

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