Marketing in the Micro-Moment

Posted: by Tye Brown

Mobile has changed your prospective customerís journey forever; creating the opportunity for hundreds of real-time, intent-driven micro-moments.

These are the moments when we turn to a mobile device to take action on whatever we need or want right now. These are the I want-to-know, I-want-to-go, I want-to-buy and I want-to-do moments that are now a common part of life, and which provide a critical opportunity for you to shape your customerís decisions.

Thanks to the mobile, micro-moments can occur anywhere and at any time. Consumers can now use their smartphones to interact and engage with businesses 24/7, at home, while traveling, or at work. 68% of smartphone users say they check their phone within 15 minutes of waking up in the morning*. More searches take place on mobiles than on computers. Research* has shown that on average we check our phones 150 times a day, spending approximately 177 minutes of our day in mobile sessions lasting typically 1 minute long.

This constant connectivity offers up the potential for many more opportunities for you to connect with prospective customers. Four in five use search engines to find products, services or experiences with 88% doing so on their smartphones *. At these moments, customers expect you to address their needs with real-time relevance. Your prospective customers are making informed decisions faster than before. Your online marketing needs to be able to respond to this.

Today you have to earn your customerís consideration and action. Unlike in the past, customers are only loyal to their need in the moment rather than any particular brand. When conducting a search using their smartphone, 65% of users* agree that they look for the most relevant information regardless of which company is providing it.

Here are three essential strategies to help you win these micro-moments:

Be There – Youíve got to anticipate the micro-moments for users in your industry and then commit to being there to help when those moments occur.

Be Useful – Youíve got to be relevant to consumersí needs in the moment and connect people to the answers they are looking for.

Be Quick – Theyíre called micro-moments for a reason. Mobile users want to know, go and buy swiftly. Your mobile experience has to be fast and friction-less.

Planning strategies to win micro-moments reaps higher ROIs in all your marketing investment. By mastering these micro-moments, you can give users what they want at the exact time they want it. This requires a marketing strategy that clearly understands the mobile consumer and the challenges and opportunities that the mobile micro-moment landscape gives as well as a solid platform to present it on. Simply adapting your existing marketing strategy is not the best way to approach this.

If you would like to find out how micro-moments can benefit your business and what you need to do to implement them, please contact Tye Brown on 02 6676 2980 or email us

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