Lies Exposed One Home at a Time

Posted: by Gail Fuller

One of the most wonderful aspects of working in this industry is that you see a cross section of humanity and how they live. Inside each home you feel and see how the occupants live either in disregard or by way of caring for their environment at home.

What is very interesting as you get to meet the people behind the homes is the way in which they portray themselves in life, is not necessarily lived in their own home behind closed doors.

As you walk in you can see immediately if there is alcohol and/or drug abuse happening, the unhappy relationships, and what I call houses but not homes, many void of love.

Sadly only a small percentage feel like a real home, you can feel it by the ease in which you walk around and the general good feeling of the property.

Itís not about having a perfect showcase home either as that can be just as lonely and empty as an untidy, dirty home.

Why do we take an image into the world whether in business, our relationships, our friends that is not a reflection of how we are living? How can we say we love someone when you can see clearly that you are not living love in your own home. How does the business person promote business skills and training when their own environment is out of control and in disorder.

Real estate is about people not houses. It is about the way you live in your home, and from this understanding we sell your property. Many sales are made from one similar person to another. As agents you get a feel of the person it may suit and their circumstances.

So how do we start living more true in the one common place that every person in the world shares? Home. The place that we return to every day should be our foundational place, nurturing and supporting us as we live.

So often when people are selling they finally finish the house and paint those last areas, fix the broken pieces, clean all the gardens and look back and wonder why they did not do it earlier. How is it that we donít honor ourselves enough to want to live like this all the time. Why do we make do and only complete it for someone else to get more money than to do it naturally for ourselves?
These are the untruths and lies that I see as an agent, and yes it is how we are which I accept and understand. But I still ask the question why? Why pretend to be someone more than what you are. Why not be honest and then maybe you have a starting point and a reason to live more harmoniously.

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