Is Your Money Burning a Hole in Your Pocket?

Posted: by Gail Fuller

We have this burning desire to spend money when we have it, sometimes in a manner that is not truly supporting us moving forward. We often see buyers who are looking for property to buy get in this panic motion of just needing to buy something, anything, just as long as they have something. When asked if it was the house they truly wanted, they often admit that, no it was not the best choice and that they donít like it.

Our home is such an important decision for our living needs that this desire to spend often overrides our true intention of what we require to support ourselves and our families. Many a conversation has been had with clients supporting them to trust that if they say NO to the one that is not right that a better property will present itself.

It is often this saying NO to what is not right that allows us to say YES to what is true for us in life. This can be applied to nearly every sector of our life. We often get afraid that we will miss out or that the opportunity will not arise again. It is actually part of our development to learn to trust what is really true and understand that the right property will constellate when we trust in the process.

One of the downsides of choosing just for the sake of being in the market place is that you live with a tension in the home, as it does not quite fit your needs. I find that constant thoughts, for example; the bedrooms are not right or the living areas are not quite big enough are always on your mind. We compromise in the one place that we spend our whole life in, the place we retire to at the end of each day. Itís interesting that if our work place was really uncomfortable we would probably leave, yet at home we put up with it.

The other more hitting issue is the transfer costs of buying and selling. We have to really start asking the question what is right for us in all areas of our purchasing decisions. Can I truly afford the property or am I buying it to look successful to the outside world? Does the property support my daily needs? Is it better for me to rent until I really understand the location and area I am buying in? What looks good may end up being your greatest nightmare.

So in the end the best advice is to take your time and remember the market will never run out, houses will still be there in 6 months time and there is always a bargain no matter what the market is doing.

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