I Just Want To Get Adsl Connected!

Posted: by Scott Hales

Recently Iíve met a number of people who have had nothing but issues trying to get ADSL connected. So just why is it so difficult?

In one case a gentleman, lets call him Bob, had been trying to get ADSL2 connected to his house for 5 months. Thatís right, 5 months! By the time he called me, he had spoken to a number of providers and they all said the same thing; ďwe can definitely get you ADSL2Ē only to be told they canít supply ADSL2 and he wonít be able to get ADSL at all. Being a logical bloke, he reasoned that if all his neighbours had ADSL2 he should be able to get it or at least ADSL1. What Bob didnít know was that the first request to connect the ADSL was still being processed and every subsequent request had failed as a result. It actually had nothing to do with his phone line or location; it was all because of a technical Ďbottleneckí on the network. I was able to find this out within an hour of talking to Bob and we are now in the process of working around the issue and should have ADSL1 connected up at the end of the week.

There are many factors that can affect your ability to get ADSL (either 1 or 2), many of which are out of any service providers hands. There may be no ports available at the exchange for new ADSL connections, the phone line the ADSL is being connected to may have an incompatible technology associated with it or may be too far from the exchange. In Bobs case he had inadvertently made his problem worse as every time he requested a connection from another service provider it stopped the initial request from being cancelled correctly and all the other requests subsequently failed (the network will only process one order at a time, if there is an outstanding order on the line, then all other orders will be rejected until the original order is completed or cancelled). The only way we were able to get around this issue was to disconnect his phone line and reconnect a new line to connect the ADSL. Bob was astounded that no-one had explained this to him while he was talking to the various different service providers.

The moral of the story; if a service provider says you canít get ADSL ask them to explain why. If they canít give you a satisfactory answer call Barefoot Telecom! We may not always be able to get the ADSL connected for you but we will tell you why and what we have done to try and get around the issue.

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