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Every business owner who owns a website should be measuring their visitor traffic with some form of web analytics, 2016 is time to get serious about it. Most don’t offer any value out of the box and could actually be costing you money because you’re looking at metrics that donít matter.

Google Analytics is a superb tool. Itís free, itís reliable, and it captures every little piece of useful information about your website. But are you acting on the information and do you really know what you are looking at?

We rarely log in and look around, and when we do, we donít always know what it is that we should be looking for.Do you know which are the best performing pages on your website? Is your Social Media marketing effective or are you wasting precious time? Is your blog working? How effective was my last print advertising campaign? All of these things can be, and should be, measured with Google Analytics.
To give you a helping hand, here are a few tips for making your Google analytics reports useful to your business.

Filter your IP

If you have a static IP at your business, you probably want to filter out that IP Address from your reports in order to ensure that when you or your staff visit your website, or are working on it, you are not inadvertently inflating your marketing statistics.

Customise your dashboard

Your Google Analytics dashboard is the first page you see when you login. Dashboards are simply collections of widgets that allow you to quickly visualize your data. It makes sense to customise these widgets so that you instantly see the information important to your business.

Filter “bot and spider traffic”

“Bots and Spiders” are automated computer programs, not people, that are visiting your website. It could be a search engine looking to list your website, or a service that you have hired to monitor your websites uptime. Whatever the reason, they can inflate your visitor traffic and need to be filtered out.

Measuring Goals – Critical To Your Business

Finding out if your website actually helps your business is MUCH more important that measuring traffic. Important metrics such as: Enquiries, Sales, Leads, Account creation, Newsletter signups, EBook downloads etc. are really what you should be tracking. You can track every single piece of your marketing (including print and billboard advertising) and put an Return on Investment on it to make your Marketing decisions clearer in the future.

Google Analytics can help you make informed decisions about your business so long as you are measuring the correct metrics. If you have any questions or need more information call 02 6676 2980.

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