Going the Extra Mile

Posted: by David Bailey

If you’ve ever dealt with the staff at Eagle Insurance Brokers you’ll notice one thing, they love their job. In an area that most of us only think about because it’s necessary, Eagle really see their role as ‘going the extra mile’ for you so you get the best combination of policy and price.

Managing Director David Bailey explains the amount of professional responsibility brokers have to their clients and why staff education and qualifications combined with rigorous professional standards make broking one of the most accountable occupations.

“Just like an accountant or solicitor, a broker works on their client’s behalf. We represent our client to the insurance company and do all the negotiating on their behalf. People are busy with their own lives and businesses and some types of insurance packages or situations are complicated. Our role is to identify what particular policy requirements clients have and then approach the most suitable insurance companies and submit the insurance request to the market. One area of expertise we deal with is professional indemnity, and as a company, we obviously have enormous legal responsibility and professional indemnity obligations to our clients as well.”

Eagle Insurance Brokers have access to more than 120 companies in Australia and internationally, including Lloyds of London. The choice of underwriter varies and is determined on what type of risks you wish to insure against. The 28 strong Eagle team is spread over four branch locations and with three representatives located outside the branches, they cover the entire mid-north and far-north coast across seven locations.

The latest staff recruitment is a dedicated claims manager, Jennifer McPherson, who has a ten year background in handling insurance claims and also holds a BA Law. “We believe it’s really important to have one person handling your case if you need to make a claim. Some claims can be quite complex and having a highly trained and experienced person negotiating with the insurers is the best way to look after our clients.”

When asked what the most common mistakes made when buying insurance David commented:

“Firstly that they think will never use it so don’t invest time in the purchase. We see first-hand in our local area the results of storms, fires, burglaries and other issues. At any given time we have a couple of hundred open claims in our business.

Secondly that it covers everything. Unfortunately insurance is one of those things that is a ‘grudge purchase’. Nobody really wants to pay for it but everybody expects to be covered for everything when something goes wrong. So give your purchase the time it deserves, it’s a major business expense for the year, so really understand what you are buying and that you have the right cover. Brokers are here to offer that service.”

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