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Posted: by Dr Anneli Knight

Write for your audience

The most important consideration in your writing is to tailor it for your audience.

I know this sounds obvious, but itís so often overlooked in our fast-paced time-pressured work culture.

What does my audience care about?

Before you begin to pen your prose, take a moment to step into the minds of the people youíre writing to.

Ask yourself: What do they care about? What are the challenges or pressures they face?

Your answers to these questions will vary widely depending on who youíre writing to. If youíre sending a pitch to your senior management team, their key concerns are most likely people, performance and profit. If youíre writing an e-newsletter to customers, theyíre more likely interested in special offers, new offerings, or saving time or money.

How will my writing benefit my audience?

Once youíve established what your audience cares about, the next step is to consider how the message that youíre writing will benefit them.

Are you solving a problem for them? Will your proposal save them time or money, or increase their happiness? Will it make a business process simpler or more enjoyable?

Lead with this

Lead your written communication by highlighting these benefits to your audience.

It takes only a minute or two of planning and can dramatically improve your outcomes.

Anneli Knight is director of Eloquence Consulting and board member of Byron Writers Festival. The next Eloquence business writing workshop is at The Byron at Byron on 1st September.

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