Discovering Espresso Moto Mojo

Posted: by Matthew J Denehy

Opening a coffee shop in an area where on every other corner is a happening cafe. Risky? You bet, and for every success story I’d be happy to bet there are a dozen struggling.

In essence this article is not so much about Insurance but success in itself but ultimately, success needs protection. There’s no point in doing the hard yards if you don’t ensure you have the correct advice about protecting the business you are building.

So, to get it right, you can’t just wing it. Some not only get it right, some smash it out of the park. In my opinion, you are about to read about one such business.

The other day I met the partners of the successful Expresso Moto, Jordan Stubbs and Shannon Baier-Dry. This is a business that has a recipe for success and is proving to deliver the goods.
Incredible food with a diverse menu, friendly service, exceptional coffee and unique experience that no other café (as far as I know) offers…

They have a secret, at the back of the café is a glass wall. Why a glass wall?

Well, that’s where the mechanics are going to be working on or building classic motorbikes. Here’s the difference, it’s a retro, old-school mechanic shop in a café in downtown Palm Beach. But what else sets them apart?

Step 1: “Have A Vision and a Story”

Create your story, know why you are doing what you’re doing and develop a passionate vision. The guys have got a mechanic coming from Italy, whose family builds motorbikes. It is the perfect match to their vision for the brand.

Step 2: “Be Brave and Take Massive Action”

Most of us have ideas or dreams of working for ourselves. But the missing ingredient is often the simple step of making the big decision to actually just do it.

Step 3: “Research, Research, Research”.

The guys could not reiterate enough how important this step was. Due diligence can be the difference between success and failure.

Step 4: “Know Market Expectations and Exceed Them.”

With a background in hospitality they know that fresh produce, a great chef, diverse menu, consistent good service and coffee at reasonable prices are key success factors.

Step 5: “Flexibility”
Some ideas you’ve just got to let go of. Originally targeting adults, on the first weekend people came in asking for high chairs. So don’t be too rigid and listen to the market.

Step 6: “Go The Extra Mile”.

They knew the look and feel they were going for, no short cuts and no cutting costs. An example of this is they drove to Brisbane to get chords for their lights. Most people won’t notice but the
details make the difference.

Step 7: “Measuring Results”

Keep an eye on the numbers; know your finances and every week keep a track of them. Set benchmarks and goals and constantly revisit them.

Step 8: “Delegate, pay well and Empower Staff”

Hats off to these guys. Their staff philosophy is spot on. They pay their staff well which helps keep moral high and in turn customer service. Also from day one they employed a manager, the staff answer to him, this gives them the power to work on the business and not get stuck working in it.

Step 9: “What’s Next”

In order to stay current to your audience, you have to be thinking, “what’s next” for your business. Don’t let your audience get bored with your business. The guys have a custom made classic motorbike line on the horizon and are already looking at next venues. They know the next moves way before they need to actually make it.

Step 10: “Protect what you have Built”
When you build something that you and your family are relying on it means you have to sit down and put some thought into what you want to protect, why you want to protect it and then get the
appropriate advice on how to go about protecting it. Protection is just as much about understanding the outcome while protecting the physical assets so it pays to get it right.

So if you feel like feasting on cutting edge delicious meals and great coffee, head down to Espresso Moto for an experience beyond your normal café.

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