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With so many technologies and plan choices, it can be quite confusing and difficult trying to find the right solution to fit your business.

The deregulation of the telecommunications industry in the 90s saw an explosion of “cowboy” operators and many people have had bad experiences that have left them with a bitter taste in their mouths.

Most of us choose to stay with what we know even if we end up not getting the service we deserve or end up paying more than we need to. There are currently 1900+ telecommunications service providers in Australia, with most operating on the same call centre approach to sales and customer service.

Gone are the days when we were able to talk to the same person when we had questions or issues that needed resolving. In today’s market, we call our service provider, are asked a series of questions by an automated attendant system, reminded that we can resolve most issues by logging into our account online. When we finally do get to talk to someone we end up being transferred to different departments, sometimes spending hours on the phone trying to get things fixed. This can be a huge waste of time and time is money!

Barefoot Telecom was formed in 2009 with the ethos of providing traditional personalised customer service. Being based in Ballina they are able to meet customers face to face and offer full bill analysis, project management and continued 24×7 support to all customers big or small.

You don’t need to be a large company or a member of a buying group to get access to great rates and a personal account manager. Their team of account managers will come to you and sit down to discuss your needs in plain English.

Owner Scott Hales comments: “We strive to provide the best solution to accommodate customer needs and help them to reduce overheads as much as possible.”

So whether you’re looking for help with the latest mobile technology, faster/more reliable internet or ways to reduce your landline bill, the team at Barefoot Telecom are looking forward to sharing their expertise with you so you can get on with doing what you do best, running your business.

In the coming months Scott will be providing expert advice and analysis in his communications column in the meantime if you need more information, call 1300 017 622.

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