Avoiding Expensive Call Out Fees!



Determining the source of a line fault can be a drawn out process and can sometimes end up costing you quite a bit of money. Avoid expensive call out fees by going local.

If the fault is found to be in your private equipment or cabling you may be charged an incorrect call out fee of up to $320.00 and labour charges of up to $50 per 15 min. So it pays to make sure you have identified the issue as being on the network and not in your private equipment or internal cabling before logging a fault with your service provider.

Most providers will go through basic trouble shooting with you when you first call them to log the fault, in order to minimise the chance of getting charged an incorrect call out fee. This can be misleading as every business is different and call centre staff don’t have firsthand knowledge of your business. This makes it difficult for them to fully understand how your lines are set up and what equipment you have in your business that could be the cause of the issue you are experiencing.

One of the benefits of having a local telecommunications service provider is that your account manager will take a ‘hands on’ approach to resolving any faults you may experience. For example, one of the most common faults we have here in the Northern Rivers is moisture affecting our landlines (it does rain a lot!). Common symptoms of moisture in a phone line include hearing a crackle when talking on the line, having no dial tone when picking up your handset or the broadband that is attached to that phone line keeps dropping out or is very slow.

In order to identify the source of the fault your account manager can visit your premises and go through trouble shooting procedures, with a minimum of impact on your business. This can be as simple as unplugging any equipment on the phone line and testing it with a basic touch tone phone, or as complex as running tests on the line from the MDF back to the point in the wall. By taking this approach we are able to resolve issues more expediently and save you incorrect call out fees.

At Barefoot Telecom we work in conjunction with many local telephone system companies and private technicians so if you do have an internal fault we can help you get it fixed with a minimum of downtime and cost. Any network faults are project managed by your account manager to ensure they are resolved as quickly as possible for you. For more information on how we can help you keep your telecommunications running smoothly
call 1300 017 622.

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