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Posted: by Scott Hales

The importance of communication in any business large or small cannot be overestimated. As we all know from calling various call centres ourselves it’s incredibly frustrating to be waiting in a queue for 20 minutes. How many hang on? How many hang up and move to a competitor?

Before our technology became all-encompassing customer service was very simple, you either went into a business or you spoke to a person directly on the phone. I know I often think of those wonderful days when you could speak to an actual person not an automated gizmo that doesn’t understand a word I say (and I speak pretty clearly compared to most of my colleagues).

New technology can be wonderful but you need to use it in a way that fits into your business in order to get it working effectively for you. Assess your call levels and the type of calls you get over a month you can classify them as enquiries, customer assistance, invoice/account enquiries etc. Then you’ll have a picture of the volume of calls and also the type of call so you can work on how to distribute these to different staff in the business.

There used to be a phrase in the ’90’s that businesses had to have a ’3 ring pick up’, all calls had to be answered within 3 rings, the definition of good customer service. These days your call may technically be answered within 3 rings but if that just puts you in a holding loop or on a menu with 8 options that then ends in a holding loop that is not good customer service. So choose the technology for your business that will quickly and simply get the caller talking to the right person, if your call levels have peaks think about putting in a call back feature. It means you don’t have a customer having steam coming out of their ears by the time they get through and you can call them back when you can service the call without leaving others on hold.

The most important thing about your business is that people who want to use your service or buy your product can get in touch with you. There should always be someone at the end of the phone and you need systems in place so that can happen even if you’re out on a job, on holiday or taken ill. At times like those, when you’re off site, your customers still need to feel secure about your business, if they can’t get in touch with you they will find someone else and that gives your competitor an opportunity.

So use today’s technology to give yesterday’s good quality customer service and keep in touch. For more information visit:

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