Advantages of Working with a Google Partner

Posted: by Tye Brown

Aguawebs has earned the Google Partner badge. So what is a Google Partner?

Being a Google Partner means the company has been trained and certified by Google to help businesses like yours by managing your online advertising. The Google Partner badge shows that they have demonstrated advanced knowledge in Google AdWords advertising products that deliver results and build long-lasting relationships with clients.

Having a Google Partner badge means companies are:
•Qualified by Google
•Have Google advertising product knowledge
•Have passed certification in Google AdWords
•Access to Google training and support
•Can help you improve your online campaigns

Aguawebs specialises in search advertising & mobile advertising. This means we are certified in these specific product areas and are well-versed in helping clients create and optimise ads for both desktop and mobile search.

As a Google Partner, we manage a large paid search marketing budget for a variety of businesses small and large. We deliver quality customer service, offer a competitive advantage to clients, and have received training to help grow your businesses online. Here are some of the advantages of working with a badged Google Partner like Aguawebs.

1.Work with a Certified Professional – The Google Partner badge shows that certifications are current and that the company or agency meets Google’s standards for account management best practices.

2.Optimise all AdWords Features – Well-versed in all the features of AdWords and use them in a way that is profitable to the client utilising features such as: ad extensions, broad match modifiers keywords, ad scheduling and many others.

3.Access New Features – Receive training on new features which have been introduced in AdWords and implement them on your account before your competitor is aware they exist, giving you the edge.

4.Direct Support – Have direct access to the Google AdWords support meaning there is no waiting in line any time a client has an issue. Problems are addressed immediately.

5.PPC Best Practices – To maintain Google Partner status certification exams must be re-taken yearly keeping their knowledge fresh. Google Partners are also able to attend free Google training sessions to keep up with the latest PPC practices.

To celebrate Aguawebs Google Partner status we are giving away 15 free AdWords coupons* “Spend A$25 Get A$100 credit” to all NRBM readers. Simply call us on 02 6676 2980 or email me and mention you have read this article.

(*New accounts only; Limit of 15 or offer ends 21/10/2016 )

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