4 Website Marketing Mistakes I See Everyday

Posted: by Tye Brown

Over the years, Aguawebs has optimised hundreds of websites for organic SEO or PPC and reviewed and improved many more. Whilst optimising these websites, we’re regularly noticing and fixing 4 common marketing mistakes, even on new site launches. But these can be fixed quickly, instantly transforming the effectiveness of your site.

1. No web analytics installed on your website

Youíre investing marketing time and money into your website so you need to understand whether or not the return on investment is worth the effort. If you donít have any website analytics installed on your website then you donít have access to information which tells you how many people are visiting your website, what they are doing on your website, which traffic source they came from, and most importantly, whether or not your website is converting correctly in terms of sales, leads, sign ups or another form of value. Googleís free web analytics tool called Google Analytics is comprehensive and a perfect start.

2. Keywords and key phrases not used in the Page Title

The Page Title isnít seen on the actual page but is added to the code of your website. It appears in the browser tab, on the search engine results pages and is also commonly used when sharing a page on social media. This is critical to both SEO and user experience as it is used to briefly and accurately describe the page contents and is a major factor in helping search engines understand what your page is about. For example, if your page topic is “Pink Widgets” – then pink widgets should appear in your Page Title. Lots of websites I have reviewed recently only have their company name on each page, nothing else

3. Not tracking conversions

All your online marketing efforts need to measure conversions in order to know whether or not youíre getting a return on your investment. It blows my mind how many business owners are blindly spending time and money on their websites and not tracking a thing. A conversion can be an order, a sale, a lead, a phone call, an ebook download, an offer you are running or just a simple inquiry form submission. Wouldn’t you like to know where this conversion came from so you can maximise your efforts on this source?

4. No plans to blog or add new content to your website

If you have a static, brochure style website, that is all it will ever be! If you plan on taking online marketing seriously, you need to implement a content marketing plan for adding new content to your website on a regular basis. Why you might ask? Well here are just a few of the benefits of adding fresh quality content on a regular basis: Gives a reason for search engines and users to revisit your website; Allows you to integrate your keywords, giving your website authority, positioning you as a market leader in your field and also improving your chance of appearing multiple times in Google search results; Gives other websites a reason to link to your valuable content and ensures you have new, fresh information for sharing via social media which encourages your network to visit your website.

If you’re not sure whether you are making any of these mistakes on your website, or if you would like an optimisation review, contact us tye@aguawebs.com or on 0439 488 745.

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