Training Delivered To Your Door

Posted: by Kerrie Bowtell

With convenience and ‘to-the-door’ delivery featuring in many contemporary business models, more and more learners and employers are expecting training delivery to be customised to their immediate needs – and locations.

North Coast TAFE has invested in a range of mobile facilities that help to deliver training ‘to-the-door’ for an increasing range of business requirements on North Coast NSW. Businesses in the automotive, hospitality and construction industries have already seen the benefits of this flexibility.

Wollongbar-based Automotive Head Teacher, Graham Armstrong and his Northern Rivers team, have invested in a mobile teaching van, equipping it with the same industry-relevant equipment found in contemporary workshops and TAFE workshop training facilities. The on-board
equipment includes complete toolboxes, speciality tools, and compressor. This enables students to learn and practise servicing of small engines and paint airbrushing techniques on the motorcycle, also on board.

Hospitality teaching teams in the Northern Rivers and the Manning-Great Lakes regions have developed several different mobile hospitality solutions. In the Northern Rivers, a large trailer van has been equipped with industry leading coffee and food preparation and storage facilities. These include: five gas-fuelled burners, sink, waste facilities, 4 door fridge and an industry-standard ‘bain marie’ for presenting food to customers.

This extensively equipped van has helped hospitality students get valuable hands-on experience at community events. Down south, a purpose-built coffee trailer equipped with modern coffee brewing equipment has been helping barista students learn on-the-spot coffee making skills at a range of community events including several careers markets and tertiary open days.

The civil construction training required for the Pacific Highway upgrades in the past two years
has benefited from mobile, simulated workspaces on site. Over 1,600 TAFE trainees have learnt job-ready skills on plant machinery and tools typical to the civil construction projects and, during ‘down-time’ due to weather or other factors, they learn on-site in mobile classrooms using cloud-based learning systems.

This is on top of the now standard practice of TAFE trainer/assessors visiting hundreds of workplaces monthly to coach and assess apprentices and trainees on the job in pharmacies, hairdressing salons and mechanical workshops.

Over a third of the people enrolled in a TAFE NSW course on the North Coast don’t set foot onto a TAFE campus, taking advantage instead of learning on-the-job or online. Business owners have been able to keep staff productively on site as well taking the opportunity to enhance their own professional development while at work.

To find out more about training delivered to your door, contact North Coast TAFE on 1300 628233.

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