Start Working On Your Business Instead Of In It

Posted: by Aaron Tapp

Most small to medium business owners have made this comment and others such as “how do I grow my business faster and spend less time in my business?” or “how do we free up staff time to work at more productive tasks that gain growth for the business?” Unfortunately most business owners feel they are too busy to take the time to solve them.

So what’s the solution and what’s available? You can empower staff and streamline the business to automate and rid yourself of many pain points around mundane, manual business administrative processes.

It’s about working with current systems, not replacing them.
There are a lot of ERP’s (the software systems that run your business) available to businesses. Most organisations have a good ERP in place and systems and processes that work in with them.

The solution is not to replace these ERP systems but to find ways to automate the manual processes, with your existing technologies.

There are solutions available that can integrate into most ERP systems and accounting solutions from bespoke accounting software, MYOB, Quickbooks, XERO etc.

It is in nearly every discussion with existing clients, prospective clients, their advisers, staff and accountants they discover, through mapping of existing processes, what is available to the business through a smart automation solution. In most cases it results in a reduction of approximately 75% of staff time.

The solutions that are available are completely customised and affordable for small to medium business. They allow business owners and staff to:

  • free up their time
  • have a complete audit trail over work being completed on the business, even remotely
  • set tasks with time frames for completion
  • provide a reduction in manual labour around tedious data entry and administrative tasks
  • have improved efficiency on average by 75%

Information can be automatically extracted from hard copy documents, emails, and placed wherever it is required.

Is it for you?
It’s easy to identify if your business efficiencies can improve. Two obvious signs are:

  1. If you or your staff are keying data, scanning documents to files or emails, you don’t have a system in place to have complete visibility over your workflow in your business remotely and digitally.
  2. If you are using in trays (hard copy or email) to have information processed into your ERP system, then your business could do with a health check to enable you and your staff to work on your business instead of in it.

Data and document data content can flow easily and accurately without the requirement for manual human intervention, the outcomes are extremely powerful and most business stake holders are completely amazed at the power that the solutions offer, how accurate and specific they are in relation to integration into their business processes and systems via customisation. For more information visit: or

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