Staff That Fit the Bill

Posted: by Tony Bowden

With work commencing on the major highway upgrade between Woolgoolga and Ballina many employers are looking to recruit local people to cover the expected increase in business.

Thousands of new workers with specialised road construction skills will flow into the region and stay for several years, which is going to boost the local economy. In addition to the specific construction jobs there will be many more types of jobs created from the increased activity and this is where local employment providers can help.
Hospitality is one area where jobs will boom and employment and training providers are already preparing the many highly skilled local people to fill these jobs.

One business well placed to gain from the huge infrastructure project is The Creek Restaurant at Halfway Creek Shell Service Centre, situated halfway between Grafton and Coffs Harbour.

Restaurant operator Lynn Heyman is preparing for the boom and recently employed Lisa Speer with the support of EPIC Employment. Lynn likens finding the ideal employee to winning Lotto – because that’s how she felt when Lisa walked into her kitchen.

The Creek Restaurant serves up fresh home-style meals 24 hours a day seven days a week to hungry travellers, truckies, and locals.

Customers have been hungry for what ‘The Creek’ has to offer for many years, and Lynn has gradually increased her staff from 10 to 16 over the past six years.

Not just anyone can fit the bill when it comes to working at ‘The Creek’ – they need to be a team player, think on their feet, be highly organised, and customer-focussed.

Lynn says she has tried many ways of trying to attract quality staff but it isn’t always easy to find someone who fits in with both the job and the team and it’s extremely time consuming which, when you’re running a busy business, is time you just don’t have. Earlier this year Lynn tried out recruiting through EPIC Employment.
“Lisa has been brilliant – she’s been like winning Lotto. She just gets in and does the job, and doesn’t need to ask what to do next,” Lynn said.

“I really recommend going through agencies like EPIC because they can find the person who will be right for you, and cut down on the work involved in finding someone. I have looked for employees in other ways like job adverts, and it’s just too hard and wastes so much time.”

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