Rediscovering Your Passion

Posted: by Clayton Oates

The pace of technological change and its impact on business and the relationships within them continues to drive angst, stress, anxiety, inertia and frustration for many – the tell-tale signs of society suffering from change induced “Future Shock”.

For some this has brought about a fight or flight response, for others this upheaval has provided a time to pause and reflect, like taking an extended breath in order to discern what the future holds (invariably whatever you decide). As Earl Nightingale said “You always move in the direction of your most current dominant thought”. So are you thinking doom and gloom with the changing of the tide or are you thinking this is the ideal time to rediscover what’s important and worthy of devoting your time and effort?

So how do you decide on what is worth pursuing?

One methodology to (re)discover your passion was articulated by Jack Welch (the former CEO of General Electric). He set forth 3 criteria for determining if a future activity is worth pursuing, picture each step as a circle that slightly overlap and ultimately where they all intersect there is some shared area which is where you will discover your passion that is worth pursuing.

Circle 1 – Determine what you love doing!

Circle 2 – Determine something you are good at!

Circle 3 – Determine what is needed both now and in the near future

Whilst many self help gurus may say to simply focus on what you love doing and the money will come it follows that these additional two circles of enquiry help to narrow in on both the opportunity and your preparedness, which as 1st century roman stoic philosopher Seneca put
it, leads onto success.

Put another way – “Find a need and Fill it” – work out what the market wants in an area that you enjoy and one where you already have (or are prepared to quickly learn) the skills necessary to fulfil that demand.

Once you have worked this out and have found your passion then the next steps are to set forth in motion to achieve what you want by persuing your passion. I can recall hearing, and applying the simple 3 step formula for getting what you want espoused by H.L. Hunt (the US Oil manganate).

Step 1 – Decide What you Want!

Step 2 – Decide the Price required in order to obtain what you want! (make sure its legal & ethical)

Step 3 – Pay the Price

In an era when disruption and change is the new norm there has never been a better time to combine experience with curiosity and to re-calibrate you and your business and transition to a new and fulfilling future – you might be closer to achieving this than you think.

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