Ramp Up Your Sales in 4 Key Steps

Posted: by Jamie Cunningham

To make your sales grow, you need to invest in them. When I say invest, I’m talking about investing your focus, time and yes, sometimes money.

There is a law that states: “What you focus on grows.” Staring at your sales figures won’t make them grow but below are four things that, if you choose to give them your focus, will make your sales grow. I guarantee it.

1. Be perceived as unique and valuable in the minds of your customers, clients and prospects. The key word here is ‘perceived’. The perception people have of you, and your company is their reality.
Your customers and prospects have specific needs and concerns, and they have to be convinced you are the person to help them. That help must be ‘perceived’ as valuable and unique in comparison to your competitors.
What is unique and valuable about you and your company? How clear are you on that?

2. Know your HVA’s – your High-Value Activities. Set yourself up so you can spend the majority of your time doing these activities. Sales all comes down to activities. If you are not doing them, then your sales are not growing. If you are bogged down with LVA’s (Low-Value Activities), you need an assistant, or you need to delegate.
A great question to ask is “if I HAD to spend 3 days per week doing my HVA’s, how would I do it?” Resist defaulting to “it can’t be done.” Really look at it as a challenge and get creative. Think of it like someone is holding a gun to your head and you HAVE to come up with some options.

3. Touch system – current research says it can take nine interactions (or touches) with a prospect before they will buy. Most people give up after less than five and in many cases less than two. Having a system in place that can consistently put you in front of your prospects is a game changer. Let’s be clear, those interactions must be valuable to your prospect – not nine instances of you trying to flog your stuff.

Think about what they need and give it to them. It could be relevant articles or news updates about their industry. It could be connecting them with potential staff, customer or vendor contacts. This system does not just apply to your prospects. Treating your customers and clients, in the same way, builds loyalty and helps to generate referrals.

An interaction should create perceived value in the mind of your prospect or customer and make them feel positive about you and your company.

To be able to execute on this consistently, you need a system and a process.

4. Measurement and Accountability – What gets measured gets managed. Too often we have the best of intentions but ‘other’ stuff comes up, and we lose our focus and momentum. Without momentum, there is no power. Having a system of measurement, reporting and accountability creates momentum and power. If you are not doing this, you will not get results. Period.
Some things to measure: number of touches (it helps to be specific here e.g. calls, f2f meetings, emails, etc.), the number of new leads, conversion rate, the number of repeat transactions. Your measurements must be simple to do and meaningful to read.

What I’ve listed here is not complex. However, it is also not easy. When you are busy doing the multitude of things to run your business it is easy to let this stuff slide. Which is why you’ll find businesses that effectively grow and scale, are those who have a focus on sales and have people dedicated to this stuff. It is near impossible to do this part-time and do it successfully.
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