How-to Hire Superstar Employees

Posted: by Jamie Cunningham

There’s a lot involved in getting you superstar employee and these 5 tips will help you ensure you get the best for your business.

  1. Don’t be boring – most employment ads look the same. If you want to attract great people then you have to stand out from the crowd. Be different.
    Your ad is the first impression, the ‘A’ player is going to be more tempted to apply if the ad speaks to them and creates an image of a business that stands above the rest.
  2. The ‘WHO’ matters – if you want to hire a superstar you need to clearly define what that superstar looks like. Their values and skills, background, what characteristics and demographics will make them ideal? If you’re not clear on who you are trying to attract then you won’t find them.
  3. Mega Lead Sources – You are marketing for the ideal employee just like you would market for your ideal customer. Hiring great people is the best investment you can make.
    There are lots of resources available to get the word out, so make sure you are utilising all of them. Too many owners skimp or look for ways to hire ‘efficiently’ because they see it as a cost.
  4. Unique Process – when I work with my clients, we design the hiring process to mirror the culture of the company. We build this on the back of a proven process that also serves the specific purpose of allowing candidates to ‘deselect’ themselves. This ‘de-selection’ allows the best to make it through the process and rise to the top. Traditional hiring methods of resumes, interviews and reference checks don’t work.
    You know you have a good process when ‘A’ class candidates positively comment on it.
  5. A Kick Ass Culture and Compelling Vision – Great people want to work for great companies … so you need to be a great company. This doesn’t mean you need to be the best in your industry but it does mean you need to want to be the best.
    You need to have a strong culture that Superstars will thrive on and you need to know what your company stands for and where it is going.

Superstars don’t want to stand still. They want to be a part of something. Make you and your business worthy of them.

Case Study.
To give you a taste of how this works in real life, I’ll share with you my experience hiring Melina, my Client Care and Marketing Manager. Melina is extremely (maybe over) qualified and actually took a pay cut for this position, she is an absolute asset to growing my business. So how did I get her?

I had to get it right the first time, after living and working in Canada for 11 years it was time to move back home to the land of sun and surf. My previous Manager had a family crisis and had to quit leaving me 2 months to find a replacement. The new hire was critical for maintaining the North American side of the business.

So off I went, writing an awesome Ad (I know it was awesome because it go me Melina … if you’d like a copy, email me), put it out there in every conceivable lead source I could find (10 in total). I got 126 applications. I know, who has time to go through all those. But wait… Each applicant applied by email; they got an automated email asking them to call a phone number and answer 5 questions. Only 31 did this; very effective de-selection. Of those 31 I was able to quickly produce a short list of 8 based on how they sounded, how well they followed instructions and based on their answers to the questions.

Those 8 then received another email linking to 3 videos. The first video explained how the hiring process was going to work moving forward. The second was about my company, its culture, history and its future, designed to aim at the heart and get the right person excited. It was 100% authentic and off the cuff so they could see the real me … unscripted. The final video outlined 3 tests I wanted them to complete in 4 days.

Of the 8, 7 submitted the tests. From here it was crystal clear who were the top 2, they were sent interview invitations and a link to an online profile assessment. The interviews lasted approx. 30 minutes and the questions were partly guided from what I learned in the profile results.

To this day I still have 2 of the applicants staying in touch making sure Melina worked out OK. I’m pleased to say she is absolutely tremendous.

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