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Posted: by Tony Bowden

Finding the right person for the right job or the right job for the right person can take a bit of sleuthing. You have to make the right connections to link people together and join the dots on what a business needs and what experience a person has. So how can you make sure you’re a Hercules Poirot rather than an Inspector Clouseau?

Business owners don’t always have the time to write and place job adverts and sort through endless resumes from online advertisements. By using a professional employment consultant they can simplify the whole process.

Look for an agency that has a wide network that can cover your whole region, so they are able to draw jobseekers from a wide area that have the appropriate skills for a particular job vacancy.

Your employment consultant should spend time understanding both the skills needed for the job in question and also the business ‘personality’ – what kind of person will fit into the team dynamic. It’s only by delving deeper than the job description they will be able to find the right person for you.

A really good consultant will tell you if they don’t have the right person rather than sending unsuitable jobseekers, which would waste time and money.

A good example of how an employment agency can help a business is a real life situation where a jobseeker came to us with a specific request and we managed to find a solution.

Our jobseeker client had a specific interest in the plumbing trade and was attending a TAFE pre vocational plumbing course with the aim of taking their interest further. What he needed now was an opportunity to prove himself.

Solarhart is an established local Lismore plumbing business run by David Lewis and we approached David on behalf of our client. We set up a Work Experience
Agreement so our jobseeker and the business could spend time together in the workplace to see if there was potential. As part of the agreement the workplace insurance was covered by EPIC.

Following the successful Work Experience, Solarhart were keen to sign our participant on as an Apprentice Plumber. We helped to arrange the sign up with the Australian Apprenticeship Centre and provided financial assistance to buy uniforms as part of our client support.

That’s not the end of the story though, even when our client is placed we continue to track their progress for at least 6 months to ensure everything is working out for both parties and to check if there is any other support needed that we can help with.

Caren Reynolds from Epic Ballina comments: “This is a terrific outcome, our jobseeker gained an apprenticeship in the trade they were committed to and Solarhart gained a dedicated employee.”

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