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Posted: by Aaron Tapp

Every business is looking for a competitive advantage through innovation and improved productivity, so where to start? We have transformed over 1,500 businesses in automating existing business processes by linking their people with critical business information systems and business applications.

Every day we see the same process improvement challenges in businesses of all sizes across all industries. Business owners and managers want to optimise their business process but often are looking for a ‘silver bullet’ to achieve successful business process automation outcomes.

There are three key influencers they need to address:

  1. Process
  2. People
  3. Technology

To truly increase your productivity, look at how your manual business processes might be automated. Dramatic business process improvement can be achieved through a range of business technology services that:

  • Automate the capture of data and information at the start of the process removing manual data entry and verification
  • Manage your workflows concurrently with assigned worksteps providing complete audited transparency and accountability
  • File and categorise all documents electronically dramatically reducing reliance on paper-based documents and files
  • Provide web-based and mobile connectivity or remote or off-site access
  • Directly integrate with existing business applications for automated transfer of data and information

Your customers, suppliers and staff all play a role in your business processes. To achieve optimisation they must provide a cohesive digital workplace that supports people. Generally in any business process people will either have certain tasks to perform, a need to access data, information or documents, or need to be kept up to date on the process progression. So make it efficient:

  • Improve access to specific data, information and documents
  • Increase real-time collaboration and information sharing with others
  • Improve accountability and transparency
  • Increase capacity and productivity of people
  • Reduce errors and improve customer service

The key role here is to link your people with critical business information systems and business applications. The technology must integrate seamlessly throughout the entire business process and improve automation outcomes.

Businesses that constantly invest in business technology services to improve their business processes, customer experience, and productivity are often more profitable. For them business technology provides:

  • Integrated and networked devices such as printers, photocopiers, and scanners as part of automated business workflows
  • Consolidation and linking of scattered data and information across multiple locations, systems, servers and applications
  • Reduction in running costs and downtime associated with out of date and inefficient hardware devices
  • Customised software applications to improve particular aspects of a business process by removing duplication and improving business compliance analytics

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